Tuition & Fees

Monthly Rates
For Classes Per Week 

 1 class..............$   60

2 classes..........$100

3 classes..........$135

4 classes..........$165

5 classes..........$190

6 classes..........$210


unlimited + 1 sibling..........$335

Adult Class Cards

10 classes..........$190

15 classes..........$270

20 classes..........$340


(annual registration fee is due at the beginning of the term)

New family registration: $15 per student

Returning family registration: $10 per student

Other Fees

Performance Audition Fee

$10 per performer

Summer Intensives be announced

Attendance Policy

Parents and students are encouraged to avoid making appointments during class time. Students who miss class regularly will be moved into a lower class level in order to maintain the integrity of each class’s curriculum. Parents must notify the Academy if their child is going to be absent. Students are encouraged to make-up all missed classes as quickly as possible.

This is a quick reference guide. Please see the posted notice in the studio for complete details.



Class I-V: plain tight fitting t-shirt or leotard, tights or biketards, dance belt, socks, and white or black ballet slippers.

Ballet Fundamentals, Pre-Ballet, Boys Club, and Creative Movement: wear shorts, shirts, socks, and ballet slippers.

Character: jazz shoes


Pre-Ballet and Class I-V: footed pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and leotards of any style in the color assigned to each class level [See Class Descriptions for leotard color.]

At the teachers’s discretion, girls will be permitted to wear ballet skirts during center work.


Creative Movement: any color leotard, tights, and pink ballet slippers.

Character: black circular skirt and black character shoes.

Hair: The discipline of dance requires that long hair for girls in all levels be secured in a bun or pinned up in braids. This permits the teacher to see the correct alignment of the spine and neck. Loose hair can cause eye irritation during turns and is a distraction to both student and teacher. Girls will not be allowed to take class with their hair down or in loose ponytails.


Black tights are for adults only.

Other Dress Code Information

Students are never permitted to wear loose fitting shirts or plastic pants. The use of plastic pants can lead to dehydration and muscles which are artificially warmed up are easily injured. Baggy clothing does not permit the instructor to properly correct the student and can cause serious problems to go undetected. With teacher permission, students may wear tight fitting wool warm-ups, which have been designed for the serious dancer.


All students are required to wear street clothing over their ballet clothes when entering or leaving the studio. 

Dress Code

Tuition Policy

The 2019-2020 term at the Academy begins on August 19, 2019 and ends on July 31, 2020. Tuition at the Academy is based on a single amount divided into twelve monthly payments. Tuition is due by the tenth of each month. A late fee of $10 is expected for payments received after the tenth of each month. Tuition is not reduced to reflect missed classes due to illness, work schedules, vacations, or holidays. Make-up classes can be arranged with the teacher. Adjustments will be made for summer vacations if the Academy is notified in writing beforehand.

A student is considered enrolled in a class until the Academy is notified in writing that the student will not be returning. This policy permits the Academy to keep the enrollment in each level from exceeding the limit established by the Directors to maintain professional standards. Tuition is due until written notification is received. Notifications can be mailed to